Gender Equality and Inclusion In The Churches of Christ


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This Site is directed to the Churches of Christ,

the fellowship of Christians of my family's spiritual heritage.

However, it is also intended for all Christian churches

who practice gender restrictions, exclusion, and discrimination.


April 30, 2021:  Special Article published in The Sibert Institute for Church Ministery Journal "Discernment"

Oneness in Christ: A Qualitative Study of Women’s Initial Experiences

Leading in Public Worship at Broadway Church of Christ

authored by Dr. Shannon Clarkson Rains, Jennifer M. Dabbs, and Kaley D. Ihfe

TThe authors have requested the article be downloaded

as a pdf in order to read it so they can track the number of times the article is read.

However, it is also available in HTML 


Are you looking for a gender inclusive or egalitarian

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