Bobby Valentine


Bobby Valentine is the minister for the Palo Verde church of Christ  in Palo Verde, Arizona.  I have known Bobby through the medium of the world wide web for a number of years but like so many people who use the web to communicate with others in the world, had never had the privilege of meeting him until just two years ago when he taught a class at Abilene Christian University Bible Lectureship on the subject of the Prophet Hulda.   Bobby has a blog called Stoned-Campbell Disciple.  He is also a featured writer for Wineskins, a online line magazine and is on Facebook at



Hulda Who? 


Hulda Who?, is an updated version of the class that Bobby taught at ACU Lectureship several years ago.  It is often said that women have never been given authority by God over men in the Bible.  That statement is used by those who wish to keep women "in their God appointed place" in the church. However, a careful reading of the story of the prophet Hulda (2 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 34) yields some surprising information in regards to this subject.  If you would like to have a CD of the class Bobby taught at ACU,in 2005, it can be ordered from Gaylor Multiemedia.  Request CD 104, 2005 ACU Bible Lectureship, The Forgotten Story of a Female Prophet.  The revised/expanded study, Hulda Who? can be read or printed from the link below. 


What Did God Say? Genesis 2.18b and Man's "Helper"


This article is a study of the Hebrew word used in Genesis that is often translated as "help meet, helpmate, helper."  This study by Bobby helps give a clearer understanding of the usage of this word.  The Hebrew word has more meaning to it than the way it is translated in the English.


Greek and Women


In this article published Jan. 14, 2015, Bobby writes about the problems of translation, word meanings, grammar, and personal baggage of translators of ancient Greek surrounding the topic of "Gender".  This is an excellent article.