Floyd E Rose



An Idea Whose Time Has Come by Floyd E. Rose

(very large pdf file)


     Floyd Rose is an African-American Church of Christ minister who takes a very serious look at the gender discrimination and gender inequality problem through the eyes of an African-American.  He ties the issues together in their respective roles.  He very appropriately compares what African-Americans have suffered through over the centuries to the treatment of women in the churches of Christ over the last 1950 years.  This little book is only available directly from Bro. Rose or by downloading the pdf file on this web site.  He donates all profits from the sales of this book to Save The Children, Inc.

    The 1st time I read Bro. Rose's book, I couldn't put it down.  The second time I read it, I used a highlighter to mark key parts.  The third time I read it, I used a different color highlighter to mark what I missed highlighting the second time I read the book time.  It's not a long book, but it is definitely a powerful book.  Bro. Rose has a way of making points every so often that just stick with the reader.  That is why I have used several of his quotes on my web site.  I have been given permission by Bro. Rose to put his entire book on my web site so that anyone who wishes to read it may download it free of charge in Adobe pdf format.  I will try to make it available in an html file in the near future for anyone who does not use Acrobat Reader.  I do not know if Bro. Rose has any printed copies left, but if you wish to have your own published copy (which I highly recommend) you can find the details on how to order his book on page 61 or by clicking on Floyd E, Rose above.   I am quite honored that Bro. Rose, although he has never met me, would allow me to publish his book to the web on my web site for everyone to be able to read free of charge.  Lord willing, I am looking forward to someday meeting Bro. Rose.