Marg Mowczko

 I found Marg's web site while searching for gender inclusive Churches of Christ.  She lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales, 100kms north of Sydney, Australia and is presently studying for a degree in Theology.  In an email exchange, I found out that she has had past connections with the Churches of Christ in Australia for a few years, and after reviewing several studies on her web site, asked her if she would allow me to post them to my web site.  I look forward to future studies and articles that she will undoubtedly be writing.  I would like to urge the reader to visit her website and bookmark the site as she is constantly adding new studies to her site that are extremely well done with many references.

About Marg  some personal background information



Studies on Gender Equality

Studies by Marg that are posted to my web site with her permission.  For other studies Marg has published, follow the link at the top of this page to her personal web site.

Personal Views of Marg on several gender issues



Kephale and "Male Headship" in Paul's Letters

    This is a study originally written in three parts by Marg.  I have put them together to make it easier for the reader.


Submission and Respect in 1 Peter 3:1-6

    This study was originally published in two parts.  I have put them together to make it easier for the reader.



Women in Ministry and Homosexuals *sigh*

That tiresome and irritating slippery slope argument so popular with the complimentarians when discussing gender issues.


Masculine & Feminine Leadership (1 Thessalonians 2) 

The church needs spiritual fathers and mothers in leadership.


Paul’s (gender-inclusive) Qualifications for Church Leaders

The opening sentence of 1 Timothy chapter 3 literally says, “This is a trustworthy saying, ‘If someone aspires to overseeship, he/she desires a noble task.’ ”  


The Complementarian Concept of “The Created Order”

Complementarians are Christians who believe that God has instituted certain, specific ways of expressing masculinity and femininity.


Euodia and Syntyche- Women Church leaders at Philippi

Who were Euodia and Syntyche (Philippians 4:2-3)?

Were they the leaders of the Philippian church?
Early Church Father, John Chrysostom (c349–407), seems to think so


“A Suitable Helper” (in the Septuagint)

I’m already putting my Christmas present, a copy of the Septuagint, to good use.
How does the Septuagint translate “a suitable helper for him”? (Genesis 2:18, 20)

Bible Women with Spiritual Authority

Some Christians believe that it is only men, and not women, who have been given spiritual authority by God. Yet the Bible contains several accounts where God bypassed husbands and male guardians and spoke to women with messages of vital significance. This article will look at a few of these women who received spiritual authority from God; women such as Samson’s mother, Deborah, The Wise Women of Abel Beth Maacah, Huldah, Jeremiah’s Wailing Women, Mary – the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Martha and more.

Did Priscilla Teach Apollos

There is only one verse in the entire Bible which disallows a woman from teaching a man – 1Timothy 2:12. Some Christians see this verse as comprehensively declaring a universal and permanent ban on every woman teaching any man, in almost every conceivable situation, for all time! This view, however, is called into question by another scripture verse which gives the Biblical example of Priscilla who, along with her husband Aquila, explained the doctrine of Christian baptism to Apollos. This article will briefly look at who Priscilla and Aquila were; and it will explore the meaning of the word “explain” used in Acts 18:24-26.