CBE Houston Conference 2012

A New Creation. A New Tradition.

Reclaiming the Biblical tradition of

Man and Woman,

 One in Christ.

Conference April 27-28, 2012 @ Heights Church of Christ, Houston, TX

CBE International now has high quality HD videos and mp3 audio files available for purchase at very reasonable prices through the CBE Bookstore.  These HD videos are very suitable for large screen TV viewing and projection for teaching classes, etc.  I encourage you to purchase these videos and by doing so you will help support a worthy organization. 

These one hour lectures are only available through CBE Int.

Houston Video and MP3 Recordings From CBE

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 Dr. Philip Payne Friday Night 04/27/2012

Rev. Dr. Katie Hayes  Saturday 04/28/2012

Dr. J.R. Daniel Kirk  Saturday 04/28/2012

Dr. Todd Still  Saturday 04/28/2012

Dr. Philip Payne  Saturday 04/28/2012

Complete Set of 5 Speaker Videos on DVD from Equality Depot.


The following is not available from CBE International

The following videos were made from the auditorium balcony using my cheap Canon home digital video camera on a tripod (not HD) which was left running for four hours at a time.  The video quality is acceptable. The audio is not all that great due to the distance from the balcony to the stage but it is clear enough to be understood. The videos are made available for personal use only. They are in a .wmv format that is for viewing on a computer using Windows MediaPlayer 10 or later. 

Worship time on Friday and Saturday

Worship Leader Melanie Fudge Simpson

Friday Night Worship 04/27/2012

Friday Night Worship continued 04/27/2012

Saturday Morning Worship 04/28/2012

Scripture reading by Julia Simpson

Saturday Afternoon Worship 04/28/2012


Closing of the Conference

Ann Bayliss, Melanie Fudge Simpson, Dr. Lynn Mitchell

Guests Who Read Their Personal Stories

Mark Flippin

Marilyn Barnes

Janna Gonzalez


 Earth Works HipHop

Name Game